Tradition and innovation, quality and service, comfort and elegance constitute the structure and synthesis of our store, since the year 1869.
Miquel Roig, Figueres 2019

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The shop “Roig, calçats i espardenyes”, founded in 1869, is located in the town of Figueres, famous for the Dali Museum. Its successor, located in Cadaqués, also related to Salvador Dalí because of his home and Studio, opened focusing in espadrilles, especially under the brand Castañer.

 Like many other shops in Figueres, the history of our shop is given by the transition from artisan to shopkeeper.

In 1869, Sebastià Roig Jofre, from Vilanova de la Muga, and for this reason, known by the nickname of "Vilanova", went through the villages collecting hemp, the raw material for soles of sandals, and manufactured the whole process: washing, combing and twisting hemp, do the soles, giving their shape, sewing and seaming.

Miquel Roig Casadevall continued the business, and in 1944, appears the third generation Sirvent Sebastian Roig, my grandfather, who begins running the store in a postwar period situation. He was a popular man in the region and opened a large establishment that communicated the streets Monturiol and Caamaño.

In 1962, the building was demolished, and the store moved to the current location at the square down the Rambla. The current building was designed by the architect Pelayo Martinez, a guarantee of quality and elegance; but the older store was much bigger, with many chairs where people could try on espadrilles; and therefore, the same Pelayo Martinez designed a wooden bench that still remains in the store, from which a replica was made and placed next to the original one.

My father, Miguel Roig Bonaset, didn’t run the store, he died in an accident in 1973, I was eleven and I started helping my grandparents. Later on, I dedicated myself exclusively to it: In 1983, I did the renovation of the shop "Calzados Vilanova" that went to "Roig, calçats i espardenyes" changing the image while keeping the essence and spirit.

In 1993 we opened a store in Cadaqués, where the main product are the espadrilles, and in 2003 a third store in Girona Street, also in Figueres.

Lastly, in 2013 Orígens is opened, a new store concept.

Without being intentional, the years finished in three and once every ten years, I started a new project, a new store.

In 1983, La Rambla; in 1993, Cadaqués; in 2003, the one in Girona Street; and in 2013, Orígens.

And… as we have heard many times the expression "renew or die", we made a last change in early 2014, reshaping the sign shop, giving continuity to the main façade of La Rambla.

Miquel Roig Casademont


Roig Figueres

Rambla, 1
17600 Figueres
+34 972 50 22 43


Monday to Saturday:

Morning: 10:00h to 14:00h

Afternoon: 16:00h to 20:30h